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This interesting Tenor Ukulele was commissioned by a music store owner in Dallas, Texas that had been referred to me by a previous customer of mine.  The back and sides of this instrument are Movingui, an orange colored and highly figured wood from South Africa. The top is Engelmann spruce. What makes this instrument really unique is that the headplate, fingerboard, bridge, back stripe, heal cap and bindings are made from Snakewood.  Snakewood is an incredibly beautiful wood which originates mostly in Suriname, South America and if very rare and expensive.  The cost of the relatively small amounts of snakewood for this ukulele was just under $200.00. The tuning machines are from Germany and the bridge pins, saddle and nut are made from buffalo horn. The Palm Tree inlays on the headplate and 12th fret are from white and gold Mother-of-Pearl. The instrument is configured with a MiSi Trio pickup and Aquila strings.

If you are interested in having an instrument with Snakewood trim, contact me and I can give you an estimate of the additional cost invloved in building a custom instrument with various snakewood trim options.  JC Clark