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About Me

I joined the Navy after High School and ended up making it a career of 25.5 years. I started out in the submarine service and then was fortunate to be selected to a special Navy program and the Navy sent me to college at the University of Nebraska. I received my BS in Electrical Engineering while at the university. Following graduation, they let me fly fighter type aircraft the rest of my career. I made two tours in Viet Nam flying 238 combat missions without incident. I retired in 1985 and went to work in the Aerospace Industry and retired again from Lockheed Martin in 2001. My wife Diane and I moved to Tucson for our first shot at retirement but after three years, decided to return to my home town of Seward, NE. We moved here in July 2006, found a home in the country and are truly enjoying “The Good Life.” 

You can learn more than you ever wanted to know about me at the Mel Bay Ukulele Sessions web and the following link:  http://ukesessions.com/?p=349

You can find my Blog at: http://jcclarkukuleles.wordpress.com/